International Phoretics™ was founded in 1992 as a private business enterprise for industrial consultancy in the area of robotics and automation with an emphasis on sensors, actuators and smart materials. The name Phoretics is derived from the Greek Phorese - meaning "to move" (which is what actuators do!).

Smart materials are materials whose properties change (often in a non linear manner) according to some external influence. For example, electrorheological fluids are emulsions whose apparent viscosity changes with the influence of an external electric field.

Other areas where International Phoretics are active include scientific and technical documentation and industrial consultancy.

International Phoretics™ is officially based in the UK (and is subject to UK commercial law) but much of the work is carried out from the German office. From time to time agencies and representatives in other countries, including the US, are also employed.

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