Smart Materials
    Internet Activities

I hereby formally and officially announce that I accept complete responsibility for everything I have written on my own web pages. All links to other sites given on these web pages are first checked for functionality and integrity. I accept no responsibility for their content or that of any web pages resulting from links on these and/or subsequent web pages. I hereby declare, absolutely and unequivocally, that I do not, will not and cannot accept responsibility, in any way, shape or form, for what others choose to freely distribute on the web including adverts, links, pop-up consoles, cookies, email access etc.

Consequently, complete responsibility for all forms of unsolicited (or otherwise) telephonic, telegraphic, electronic mail, internet (whether received manually or by automatic downloader), jungle drums, smoke signals or telekenetic projection whether of an Anarchistic, Bombastic, Communist, Derogative, Erotic, Fascist, Grotesque, Homicidal, Injurious, Juvenile, Kismetic, Lurid, Malicious, Nefarious, Obscene, Pornographic, Questionable, Religious, Superfluous, Truculent, Usurious, Vindictive, Wayward, Xenophobic, Yahoo or Zany nature, rests solely with the source and/or original sender.